Close and Personal with Invicta FC Fighter NicDali Rivera-Calanoc

Close and Personal with Invicta FC Fighter NicDali Rivera-Calanoc

Close and Personal with Invicta FC Fighter Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc

When a fighter is described as the “Female Wanderlei Silva” by King Mo due to her hard charging and aggressive style, I had to know more about her. Invicta FC Atomweight NicDali Rivera Calanoc began boxing at eleven years old as a way to emulate childhood hero Oscar De La Hoya. While waiting for Invicta  to announce their next card NicDali is keeping herself busy. She will be stepping back into the cage to face Jen “Tink” Aniano at Battlegrounds MMA 5 in Tulsa, OK on October 3rd. Make sure to hit up her Facebook page or Battlegrounds MMA to get your tickets. Until then, check out my interview with this exciting and beautiful fighter below.

You started boxing at age 11. What made you decided to change to MMA?
My husband Travis Calanoc has done MMA for a long time n he was doing MMA and I fell in love with all the endless  possibilities in MMA. Also in MMA you will NEVER stop learning n evolving.

Was it difficult to go from boxing to MMA?
Not really I only saw it as a challenge which is what I like bout it

Your first fight in Invicta was April 2012 against Amy Davis. How did it feel to step into the Invicta cage for the first time?
It was nothing short of amazing can’t wait to fight again for them

What are your thoughts of future Invicta events being on UFC Fight Pass?
Love it !!!!!

Looking back, if you could have any rematch who would you want it to be with and why?
Felice Herrig because that’s a fight the fans would love to see but for my own personal reasons I like to rematch Amy Davis n Jessica Pene mostly Pene

Your husband has been instrumental in your MMA career. Is it difficult separating the sport and family?
It was at first but now we have it down pat. I know some people find it weird but if he’s coaching me I treat him exactly like one of my other coaches like I address him as sir n  super respectful but at home it’s just us lol

I must ask. How did you get your fight name “The Night Queen?”
Because I knock ppl out