Close and Personal with WMMA Fighter Summer Bradshaw

Close and Personal with WMMA Fighter Summer Bradshaw

In every interview, If I have not spoken with the person before I ask what got them into MMA. I always start out the interview with this question to take our readers or listeners through where they were, where they are now and where they want to be. While researching Summer I had to decided if I really wanted to start out the interview with this question.  She has a surprising story of how she started out in MMA. I felt it is a story that will show you how strong Summer really is. You can see it in her eyes, you can see it in her two beautiful girls eyes and smiles. Summer, who trains out of Pariah MMA in Colorado Springs, CO, may have had a rough start to get over anger and different emotions but she found out how strong she really is.

I heard your story on how you began MMA from Taekwondo. Can you tell our readers what made you make that transition?
Well my husband/father of my 2 girls was very controlling he didn’t like me training working out or any of the sort. Things were rapidly getting worse in our relationship and I decided to pursue a divorce which he didn’t agree with. He told me he would never divorce me and took his own life using my TKD belt. The transition happened because I couldn’t get into a traditional belt ranking system it hurt too much to think about that. I had to step into something that had nothing to do with belts. Which MMA and a no gi system was literally ideal for me, not to mention a great way to beat the anger out of me. What I have learned through MMA and about myself literally saved my life and helped me be a better mother.

You wanted to begin competing a lot sooner than you actually did. Were you surprised how much different the two sports are from one another?

Completely surprised. I had never been choked so many times in less than a minute. I knew the first week I was going to be in that facility for a long time! I had sooo much to learn.

Your family wasn’t very supportive of your choice to begin MMA when you first started. Have

they changed their thoughts now?

My father was. He was the one that nicknamed me “The Critter”, but yes my family (the rest of them) watched how much it was helping with my healing after my husband passed. So a year after, I started training they all started to come around. I believe it took so long cause of all the black eyes, marks/bruises, and everything else that training entails lol

You turned pro really quick. Looking back would you have chosen to wait or would you not change anything?
I would not change anything I was always out of pocket traveling. It’s been a very expensive passion so far. It’s very hard to find opponents locally for me, who knows how long it would have taken.
You have been in Canada training with Charmaine Tweet helping her get ready, tell us about that experience.

That experience was amazing and very positive. I had a great group to train with along with the best coaches I have seen in MMA. They are not selfish at all which is rare in this sport. And they were all about helping every single person individually there. I was very impressed with their style, conduct, and professionalism!

Your girls are very aware of what you do. They spend a lot of time with you in the gym. Do they go to your fights as well? if not, why? if so, did you have to prepare them for what they were going to see the first time?

They have not seen me fight yet. It will probably be a few more years and more just so they will understand the sport and why I’m there.

Would you be supportive if they decided they would like to start competing in MMA when they get older? if so what advice would you give them? If not, why?

That is such a good question. I don’t think I would like them in this sport but if they so chose to do so I would back them 100% by making sure they were doing exactly what they needed to, to stay as safe as possible 😉 And the advice would be more hands on and any chance I could get so there would be a lot of surprises around the corners of the house hahaha well I guess that would be a lot of fun if they decided to train.

What goes through your mind standing across from your opponent in the cage right before the fight starts?

At this point I just want to destroy the person that has the nerve to stand in the same cage as me and I will not veer from this mentality. It did me well as an amateur;-)

What is more difficult finding opponents or making sure you have the right mix of training and family time?

Both are extremely difficult but well worth the effort of attaining.

When training do you enjoy training more with guys for the challenge or females cause it is more realistic for you?

Both they both play an important role but any gym would rather throw me to the guys.

We know your favorite female fighter is Cris Cyborg. How about your favorite male fighter? Connor McGregor is one of my most favorite.
Do you have any fights coming up you can tell us about?
Having a hard time finding anything at the moment. Hopefully, soon!
What is your guiltiest pleasure? i.e. food, tv show etc

Probably cake right now, everyday this last week it’s been some kinda of party and always the cake is around!

What are three things you would not be able to live without?

God, food, and water.  I’m simple..

Do you have anyone you would like to thank?

Fresh Start Entertainment, Bad Apple Armor, Howard Fidler for X-ion-X, Iron Jaw Custom mouth guards, Dudley Robinson with Sozo, Sports Food Inc.  strips, and ATP Mechanix.

Tell everyone where they can follow you. i.e social media, website etc

Fresh Start Entertainment, Summer Bradshaw/ Summer Bradshaw MMA Athlete page on Facebook, Twitter @SummerLBradshaw,

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