Fallon Fox Interview

Fallon Fox Interview

When talking WMMA and Fallon Fox there are many mixed reactions. More negative comments than anything which is why I have wanted to do this interview for a while. Questions and accusations from all sides of the transgender topic are always raised. If you don’t know who or what I am talking about let me give you a little background. Fallon Fox came into the spotlight in 2013 when it was discovered on her license to fight in Florida she is a transgender fighter. Fans and fighters alike spoke up on the subject saying she should only fight other transgender fighters or even worse, she shouldn’t do what she loves, MMA.
I am always one to want to know more about a person, outside all the controversy, the REAL person. See, with everything being said and so many saying it people forget they are talking to and about someone with real feelings. Beyond all the controversy I wanted to know about the real Fallon, the fighter, like it or not she IS a fighter and she isn’t going anywhere. Maybe because she does have true heart, maybe it is to prove everyone wrong, maybe just to piss everyone off or it could be to open up the MMA communities eyes and get people to understand something out of the “norm” something they may be affraid of.
I truly enjoyed talking with Fallon, no matter what my views or anyone elses are she is a real person, with feelings and deserves to be heard and her story to be told just like anyone else.
How did you get involved in MMA?

I saw women’s MMA in late 2007 when I was working out in gyms to get into shape. I thought that they were inspiring highly skilled warriors. I tried a MMA class to see how it was to train like them, and fell in one with the sport.

Take us through a typical day for Fallon Fox
Normally, I wake up, eat a light breakfast and head to morning training for technique and strength and conditioning training. Directly after, I drive home, connect with people online, or perhaps do an interview or two. I try to take a nap if I have time. Then, I head back to the gym right after for sparring. After sparring, I head back home, and relax for a little bit and drift off to sleep. That’s my typical day.

You have had a lot of controversy surrounding you since you came out as transgender. Seems we only hear about the negative comments. What are some of the positive/ supportive comments you have had?

I think the most positive comments have come from the more intelligent female  fighters and people within MMA. Liz Carmouche, Cat Zingano, Sara D’Alelio, Marcia Allen all had very positive things to say in the past. I’m fortunate to train with Marcia Allen, and a few other female fighters in my area every once in a while. Right now I’m helping train Chi Sheibly, and Tina Gomez. It’s being around any of them, day after day while training – it’s the little things, the more subtle everyday interactions with them within the sisterhood of WMMA fighter. Their simple gestures of acceptance, loyalty, and friendship, support me the most. They say supportive comments all the time. But, it’s what is said when their mouths are not moving that have the most impact.
Female fighters have a difficult time finding fights when they are first starting out, you are having a more difficult time because of the “perception” surrounding you. Have you ever thought of just hanging it up and not fighting anymore?

No. I’m still getting fights actually. I just had one a few months ago. Even if, I was getting little to no fights, I would still train and be waiting on the wings to throw my hat in. I’m going not going anywhere.

What motivates you to each and every day to step into the gym?

Knowing that everyday I step in that gym, I add one more positive aspect to my game. I live for becoming as skilled as possible.

You have a daughter from being married before your gender reassignment surgery. How is she handling all the news about you?
She’s handled things as well as she could, and she’s incredibly supportive. She’s an adult now making her own way in the world. And I’m happy that she’s supportive as always, even though she’s miles away in college.
If you could go back in time would you do anything different?
Would I do anything different in my MMA carrier? Of course! I would have started training much sooner. The more one knows, the better they are. I think that’s a likely thought process for the vast majority of fighters.
I know Cyborg is on your radar as you have been trying to get a fight with her in Invicta. What other fighter would you like to face in the cage?
I am willing to fight every other professional female fighter within my weight class on planet earth. I’ve said that from the jump. Having that perspective seems to be uncommon these days? Anyway, on the Invicta roster, I’d really like to fight 6 foot tall Charmaine Tweet. I think it would be a challenge to fight someone so tall and has all of that reach. I called her out before. But, she’s scared of me clearly because she lacks actual heart, and talent.
Ediane Gomes has a great record. That would be a tough fight I think! I’ve met her, and I respect her a lot as a fighter. So, I think there would be a respect from both of us that people would like. Yeah, that would be war for sure.
Then there’s Amanda Buckner. The reason why I want that one is because I admire her from way back in the day before WMMA was popular. When I found out she was fighting again it brought a smile to my face. That’s personal one for me. A chance to fight someone I respected and looked at as great.
A few others more would be Sarah D’Alelio, Cat Zingano, Liz Carmouche, Marloes Coenen at the top of the list. But, hey, as long as they have skill, and they are dangerous I’m all in no matter who it is -as it should be.
What is the best advice you have been given?

I was once told that I only had one life to live. So, I shouldn’t waste my time doing the same mundane things as everyone else. I took that to heart clearly. It’s been paying off for me ever since.

Who do you view as your inspiration and why?mma_fallonfox_300

I suppose that would be my daughter right now. She’s persevered through much, and she’s like a younger more chill version of me. So, when I see her accomplish great things, I’m touched. And that reminds me of the drive and determination that are within myself.

Favorite male and female fighters you can not stand to miss their fights.
That’s a tough one. I’m not really into men’s MMA that much. I know that might sound strange. But, I rarely watch them. It’s good stuff don’t get me wrong! But, I’m drawn to women’s fights more often than not. I wish Megumi Fujii was still fighting. I used to catch every fight that I could find when she was.

Fun Questions

Everyone has one, what is your Guiltiest Pleasure?
There’s an egg sandwich that a local restaurant makes. I know that may sound weird to some. But, it’s gourmet style with lots of spices, and the bread is top notch! 
If you could have a super power what would it be?
Super Intelligence. I’d be able to do anything that way. I could create nano machines to give me super strength, super speed, and give a human super healing. Also, I could create a device that allows every human to download and share their whole life experience. These experiences could be played back in the minds of others worldwide within seconds. We’d all know how similar we are then across the board.
Three things you could not live without if stranded on a desert island?
A heavy duty solar powered recharging battery [they have those], a portable short wave radio, and a survival knife.
 …i’m getting the hell off that island.fallon fox
 Top two songs in your iPod or on the radio that get you pumped up and you just start dancing and singing along.
Arch Enemy – “You will know my name”
In this moment – “Big bad wolf”
Do you have a secret talent?

I’m a very good artist, and a writer.

Something about you the MMA/WMMA fans would be surprised to know.
I was a school bus driver/diesel technician up until about a year or so ago.
Do you have any comments for the readers out there?
I can’t wait to get the chance to fight someone of Christine Justino’s caliber. A lot of people know that a Justino fight would be the one to watch in WMMA at 145 for sure.
I hope that you all get to see it soon.
Would you like to do any shoutouts?
I’d like to thank my gym Midwest Training Center, my training partners, my daughter, my partner and all of my fans!
I am sure everyone knows but if not please tell everyone where they can follow you.
They can follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FallonFoxofficial.
Twitter @FallonFox
After Fallon’s story took the media’s stage, Game Face released a short preview highlighting her journey check it out below