Interview with Aussie Fighter Megan Anderson

Interview with Aussie Fighter Megan Anderson

Tattooed Australian WMMA fighter Megan Anderson is stepping back into the cage this Saturday at XFC 24 in Australia and we wanted to know more about her. In the beginning she says she wanted to do boxing instead of mixed martial arts. Anderson use to go to fight nights with a friend. One time when she went to pick up the tickets a local promotion persuaded her to go in for a trial. After the first session, she was hooked.
Check out my interview with Megan just before her upcoming fight. She is one fighter you defiantly want to be following!
You are fighting May 23rd at XFC Austraila 24 against Helen Malone. What are the keys to success in this fight and keeping your winning streak going?

I’m honestly not worried about any part of my opponents game for this upcoming fight. I’m a better fighter in all aspects so I guess the key to success in this fight is to just go out and impose my will on my opponemeganandersonnt. I’m looking to go out there and use all my skills to get that finish and to break my opponent. 

You mixed up your fight camp a lot bringing in a variety of coaches and athletes, including Invicta FC’s Jesse Jess. How do you feel this has really helped in this camp?

I couldn’t have asked for a better camp. I think the decision to train with a variety of high quality coaches as well as training partners has been extremely beneficial. It’s really great because I work on my specific fields with each of my coaches and then I get to bring it all together and be able to play around with everything and build on my game with a huge range of different sparring partners. I don’t do a lot of training with Jess, we occasionally do some stuff every now and then and it’s great. 

Since you are in, what fighters like to call “hell week” what is this week like for you as you inch towards stepping back into the cage?

This week is a really light and technical week for me. As the weights dropping I don’t have the same energy levels as I normally do so we keep it low intensity but focussing on technique and finalising the game plan. 

Do you have any pre-fight traditions or rituals you do?

I don’t really have any pre-fight traditions or rituals. I have a post weigh in tradition with my best friend where after I’ve rehydrated we go to our favourite Vegan restaurant, I also like to go have breakfast with my family the morning of the fight. 

When standing in the cage, across from your opponent, right after the cage door closes, what is going through your mind?

I’m extremely focussed when I get in that cage and when I’m standing across from my opponent and I’m staring them down, all I’m thinking about is that they don’t deserve to be standing across from me and I’m going to make them hurt for believing they could beat me. [wp_ad_camp_1]

What do you want going through your opponents mind?

I want my opponents to be scared, I want them to be doubting themselves, I want them to be hesitating.


You mentioned before you will be coming to the states because there really isn’t any competition left in Australia’s Featherweight division for you. Are you still planning on making that move?

Yes I’m definitely looking at fighting over in the states sometime soon. Competitively, it’s the next step forward in my career and it will create a lot more opportunities. I haven’t really thought about whether I would move there full time or just fly over for fights yet but I’m sure once the opportunity came up I’d have to consider that option. 

If so, where do you plan on calling home?

I’m not too sure yet. At this stage I’m just waiting to see what opportunities arise and then I’ll make a decision on what I’m going to do. 

A big topic in WMMA is sex appeal. Do you feel this is important in the sport?

I think image definitely plays a massive part for female athletes in the sport. We all know ‘sex sells’ but I think that it needs to be done in a tasteful and respectful way. Women’s mixed martial arts is still growing so it definitely helps for the sport but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed so it doesn’t backfire and end up cheapening it. 

Everyone has one. What is your guiltiest pleasure? (food, tv,show, etc)

My guilty pleasure would have to be anything superhero related! I am a massive nerd and love watching superhero tv shows, movies, clothes etc. I’m also guilty of loving anything with peanut butter. I absolutely love Reece’s peanut butter cups and can’t get enough of them! 

What is the best advice you have been given?

One of my coaches once said to me; When you first start fighting it’s all about fitness, making sure you’ve got the cardio and the strength to go the distance if you have to. As you move along in your career it becomes about technique, you focus on learning new things and perfecting your skills. Fighting then becomes all about the mind, when you’re fighting at a level where your opponent has the same skills, the same fitness as you it then comes down to who is mentally tough and wants it the most. The mind is the most important tool in a fighters game and it can either make or break you. 

Name 2 songs that when they come on the radio make you sing out loud like no one’s megananderson3watching.

Tough one! No judgement peeps but the 2 songs would be:
– Canned Heat by Jamiroquai; and
– Cherry Pie by Warrant 

Favorite Male Fighter?

I can’t choose just one so my top male fighters are:
– Conor MacGregor
– Urijah Faber
– Luke Rockholt
– Joe Schilling 

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you make sure you had with you?

I’d make sure I had:
– A Rambo knife to hunt for food
– A sombrero because I’m very pale and burn easily
– A hammock so I can lay back and relax!!
Do you have any shoutouts/thank you’s, you would like to do
I’d like to thank all my coaches; Ricky Budgen (Empire Martial Arts), Chris Carden (Matrix Boxing Gym), Richard Walsh (Urban Fight Gym) and Vincent Perry (Pumma). My strength and condition coach Colin Atkinson and my sports psychologist Mark Edmondson. A huge thank you to all my amazing sponsors; Linebreak Compression Wear, Protein Powder AU, Magic Hands Massage, Raven Fight Wear, Reaqua and FIIK Skateboards. To all my training partners, without you guys and gals I’d have no one to train with so thank you for being there and helping me to grow as a fighter and push me to reach my potential. To all the fans, a huge thank you for believing and supporting me, I’m truly humbled by their support and cannot thank them enough! Last but not least my family. Without their love and support I wouldn’t be able to do what I love. They are there for me unconditionally and they are my everything. 

Where can everyone follow you?

You can follow me on all forms of social media:
Twitter – MeganA_mma
Facebook – Megan Anderson MMA
Instagram – megan_andersonmma