Interview with Colorado WMMA Fighter Stephanie Skinner

Interview with Colorado WMMA Fighter Stephanie Skinner

How did you get into MMA?

I got into MMA back in 2009 when the fights came to my hometown, I saw one girl fight on the card and was like hell I could do that! I asked the promoter if i could be on the next card, he just looked at me, little taken back at my size but I said I would fight anyone! He put me on the next card against a girl who was 5’9 141 lbs, and I won! Been fighting ever since!
What is the most challenging part of being in mixed martial arts?
I think the mental game of being an MMA fighter is the hardest, lots of people think its the constant training between your disciplines and lifting and everything else. For me the mental know you’re going to get in a fight, you have to fight out self doubt and the what ifs and mentally try and keep your head on. For those who never have or will fight it is something you could never understand.
Who is your biggest inspiration both in and out of the sport?
My biggest inspiration(s), my Dad and Grandpa. My grandpa left this world almost 5 years ago, he was a survivor of the Bataan Death March and POW of WWII, My dad was an Airborne Army Ranger (if you don’t know what that is..the movie Black Hawk Down..ya my dad did that!). I come from a blood line of hard asses and bad asses and I just want to do something to prove to them both that they made me into this tough, strong minded and willed person who can succeed in this world.

What would you be doing as a profession if you were not a fighter?
If I wasn’t a fighter I’d probably just be doing what I already do for work. Most recently getting ready to start in the oil/gas/energy field, prior I was in restoration for almost 4 yrs.

Do you have any fights coming up?
I have a couple offers on the table, one confirmed but with another offer coming in we have to look and see which is going to be better for me. I don’t have the best record, but if you look ho my losses are to they were all ranked fighters at the time, or waaaaaay out of my weight class, and most recently a TUF 20 house contestant. My wins are over girls much bigger then me, and I have taken all my pro fights on the road in others back yards.

Do you study your opponents when you prepare for a fight or do you just focus on bettering your own skills?
I watch a couple of my opponents videos to see tendencies but I like to focus on honing in on my own techniques and skill set.

What goes through your head when walking out to the cage just before the fight?
I am visualizing the fight, seeing every and any way it could end, reminding myself why I do this and telling myself to just believe in my skills and heart.
Where do you see yourself in MMA in 5 years?
In five years…I’d like to be a top athlete for InvictaFC if I have not made it into the UFC by then….but sometimes it is hard to keep that vision up.
Who is your favorite male and female fighters?
Female Fighters–Cyborg, she is an animal, wicked Thai and regardless the failed pee test, she is still a great fighter. Males…to be honest I can’t even watch guys that much anymore, they are so boring to me in comparison to women.
Most embarrassing moment?
When I was like 6 years old…I got stuck in the toilet for 2 hours lol!
What song gets you pumped up and singing or dancing each time it comes on?
Run This Town – Jayz and Rihanna, i get goosebumps and a rush!

If you could have a superpower what would you choose?

Everyone says to read people’s mind…so I’ll change it up, I’d like to be able to fly!

Tell us about your most memorable experience in MMA so far.
 My most memorable experience so far….getting my first pro win against a girl 2 weight classes above me! Also after that fight was the first time my fiance Cassie Robb talked to me, she came up to congratulate me and it was love at first sight

What is your guiltiest pleasure? food,tv etc
Brownies and cookies lol!
Do you have any shout outs?
I’d like to thank my coaches Mike Gonzales, Justin Salas and Tony Basil, all my teammates and training partners like Cassie Robb, JJ Aldrich, Britney Elkin, Audrey Perkins, there are so many people in the gym on a daily basis all helping one another prep!
Jason Adams for finding me my sponsors
My Sponsors – Wendy Jarva-Sic Chic fightwear, No mercy MMA, Natural Grade Nutrition, Klench Mouth Guards, Dudley Robinson – Ignite/Sozo.
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Twitter – @SSTheScrapper

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