Interview With Rachel The Rage Dovidio

Interview With Rachel The Rage Dovidio

I love interviewing WMMA fighters. Sometimes you just never know what they will say. I first got to know Rachel Dovidio on Twitter. Her outspoken personality and going back and forth with my co-host, Poetrynmotion, about Big 10 football caught my attention and made for some good comic relief. I knew I had to interview her about when she was fighting and her future comeback.
Dovidio has been out of fighting for a couple of years but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still training. Her amateur career and love for the sport speaks volumes. Hopefully we can see her step back into the cage soon
How did you get into MMA?
I have always been interested in contact sports. I did kickboxing in High school for a while before I had to pick and choose a sport because I as well was in football and track. My mother at the time suggested I focus on football because football was only going to be there for a few years, but kickboxing would always be there.Football, Marines, bounty hunter, armed security? Is there anything you haven’t done and want to?
I have always loved trying new things, things most people wouldn’t think a female would do. I am currently working on my Criminal Justice degree to become a cop and hopefully excel from there. I am in the process of working for an amazing company called, Swagger Athletics working with Professional and non professional athletes. The sky is the limit for me!Has any of your MMA training helped you in the Marines at all?
Yes! I am a MAI ( Martial Arts Instructor) in the Marine Corps, I have my brown belt working on my black belt. So yes knowing some of the things ahead of time definitely helped along the way.Why did you haRachelDovidiove to step away from the sport for a bit?
Long story short…I came to PA for the Marines and met my current husband and he is stationed in a not so MMA friendly place. They have a few gyms, but nothing I would spend my money on. I have to drive about an hour to get to a good gym and I just don’t have the money to do so. Money is the many reason for having to wait, this sport is not cheap and any true fighter will be in not only the MMA gym 5 to 6 days a week but also other gyms. $$$$Do you see a return in your future?
Yes. As I mentioned earlier If Swagger Athletics works out they said, they would sponsor me and highly encourage me to get back in the cage. I am excited to see how things play out.

What has been your most memorable experience so far in the sport?
I think that would have to be when I fought Sara McMann. I was getting taped up for a fight and my Gunny called and said, “I found you a girl her name is Sara McMann and she will fight you Friday.” I said, ok and continued to get ready to fight. Mined you Friday was in 6 days so I had to win the fight I was at or at least not get hurt. lol. I then told my friend the person my gunny got for my fight and she just looked at me all crazy and then asked me if I knew who she was, and I had no idea. So she quickly informed me and all I could say was, It is going to be on hell of a fight. Which it was. 3 rounds for beating the crap out of each other we had everyone on their feet and needless to say we got fight of the night. Epic.
What technique do you find the most difficult in MMA?
Well I have short thick legs, so putting a body lock on some people is just impossible. I also find trying to sprawl and defend takedowns extremely tiring.

How did you get your fight name “The Rage?”
I was in kickboxing when I was in High School and my coach named me that because when he watched me fight for the first time he said I had a lot of rage inside of me. He was smiling when he said it and seemed very happy about it…lol
What do you miss most about the sport?
So hard to pick just one thing, but if I have to pick one I guess having that outlet to release all this “Rage” inside of me. The best therapy out there is beating the crap out of another person who is there for the same reason as you are. To push yourself till you can barely lift your arms and then pushing yourself beyond your mentally capabilities because you will always break mentally before physically. The feeling of proving yourself mentally wrong and going that extra round is an amazing feeling. 

What do you miss least?
weight cutting…

Seeing how the sport has changed and WMMA really has a spotlight on it now who are the fighters you are watching most?
 I tend to keep up on people I know more than anything. I have trained with Jessica Eye and I went down and trained with Sara McMann after our fight. I love those girls and wish them nothing but success. I actually had Sara text me to come down and help her train for a fight last year which I had to decline due to the fact I had not been training. Heart crushing moment to say the least. Then she chews my ass about not training telling me how I have a talent and should not waste it.
What goes through your mind standing across from your opponent in the cage before the fight starts?
Everything and nothing it is hard to describe…. Everything gets quite I tune out the crowed and it is just myself and my opponent. I am the type of person who likes to let them hit me so I can see what they got but I try to be the first to hit so they know what they just got themselves into. So usually what I am thinking is just that, let’s see if this bitch can take a hit and go from there. There is a girl now fighting in the UFC who wouldn’t fight me as an ammy and she is one of those girls who doesn’t like getting hit. It is her biggest weakness and that is why she hasn’t won.
One rule you would change in the sport if you could?
 If the ref stops a fight prematurely that fighter gets screwed I have seen it happen many times where they were still in the fight and the fight shouldn’t have been stopped. So I think if the judges and Dana feel that is was a bad call it should be a no contest fight and they get a rematch. I know if that was ever rule people would try and use that to their advantage even when they truly lost the fight, but I know the Ronda vs Sara fight shouldn’t have been called. I like them both as fighters but that fight shouldn’t have been stopped when it was.

Most embarrassing moment?

All I am going to say on this is NEVER trust a fart after cutting weight for a fight even if you think you are safe, you aren’t. lol
If you could team Rachel-Dovidioup with one other fighter and go against two others, like in a WWE type setting, who would you choose to have your back?
LOL, there is a few I would take but I think I would like Cristiane Cyborg Justion on my team and if I picked a guy it would be Frank Mir for many different reasons ;)… I actually got to train with Frank Mir when I was in Vegas. Loved every moment of it!
Everyone has one, What is your guiltiest pleasure?
I like to read dirty erotic books…lol I read quite a lot of books my favorite author is Laurel K Hamilton, Anita Blake series. So many people are caught up on this 50 shades of grey, but I didn’t even make it through the first book because I have read things far better than what was in that book.  

What two songs in your iPod or on the radio get you hyped to where you start singing along like no one is watching?
I only sing loud and off key in my car so I don’t hurt anyone’s ears,lol. I love Sick Puppies, Breaking Benjamins, Fallout boy, Chevelle, etc. I have been told at the gym that I look like im going to kill someone when certain songs come on. That is probably because I am thinking about beating someone up while I workout 90% of the time. I may have been out of the game for a few years, but the need to fight still burns bright in me and that will never go away.Would you rather do a romantic drive in the mountains or sexy time on the beach?
SEXY TIME ON THE BEACH! No pants are the best pants that’s my motto!Where can everyone follow you?
Well im not as cool as some fighters but if you like to talk about fighting and BigTen football you can follow me on Twitter @rmdj062114 FYI I am a smartass and talk shit so if you have sensitive feelings you may not want to follow me, fair warning. 😉