Interview with Undefeated Amateur WMMA Fighter Maegan Goodwin

Interview with Undefeated Amateur WMMA Fighter Maegan Goodwin

Interview with Undefeated Amateur WMMA Fighter Maegan Goodwin

How did you get into MMA?
I actually got into MMA just because I wanted to try a new try of workout and lose some weight and started loving it and decided to train for real!

Your last fight was a rematch against Yuri Medina on June 27 at Rage at the River in which you won in the first round via submission. How did you feel getting the win again since your previous fight with her was ruled as a unanimous decision in your favor?
I was pretty confident going into the fight. I should have finished the first fight. I actually fought with a broken hand. I broke a bone in my hand in half at the beginning of the second round. This fight I was more prepared & worked on a lot that I had been doing wrong. I did obviously feel really great! It was my first fight back from my 9 month break!

Is there anyone on your “Hit List” you would like to fight?
Ugh, not really. Not on the ammy level. There are a couple I would like to meet up with but that would be later on in my career

How did you get your fight name “Mayhem”?

I actually don’t have a cool story for it. I’ve been thinking about making one up! Haha I just got it from my old coach. He didn’t ever tell me a reason. I think mostly because I’m like a nice little blonde girl then I step in the cafe & become a completely different person! I’m crazy!

What is the hardest part about MMA so far?

Interview with Undefeated Amateur WMMA Fighter Maegan Goodwin

The hardest part is definitely organizing the rest of your life around it! Haha I live with my boyfriend and his son and I work full time and go to school full time. That’s enough on it’s own! Then you throw hours of training in with that everyday, it can get crazy. It’s hard I ever find time for friends and family. Other than that the dieting and weight cuts are by far the next hardest for me because I LOVE food!

With a 5-0 record so far in MMA when do you see yourself turning pro?
I will have one last ammy fight later this year and if I feel comfortable after that, then I will make the turn. I am very excited about being a pro but definitely can’t go in unprepared.

Do you train for your opponent or do you only focus on making yourself better in preparation for a fight?
Hmm well obviously when I’m not in a specific camp I train all my flaws and weaknesses. When I am in a camp with an opponent to think about it’s only smart to see what their strengths and weaknesses are and incorporate them into your camp. I don’t ever have a set plan based on my opponents though. In the fight game things can always be completely different than you think and fighters can fight completely different from one bout to another.

How has being in MMA changed your life?

It’s changed my life a lot actually in a lot of different ways.
It gives you a sense of pride and confidence that nothing else can. This is the hardest sport in the world and to succeed in something like this really means something. People treat you a lot differently, too. Everyone seems to have more respect for you. When it comes to other parts of my life I definitely spend the majority of my time doing MMA. I don’t have as much time to go out or spend time at home and that’s just something that’s the people around you have to understand and be okay with
If you were not involved in MMA what would you be doing?
If I wasn’t in MMA I would honestly probably be doing cross fit or fitness competitions. I have always thought about doing both and would love to but can’t put too much on your plate haha.
Who do you enjoy training with better, men or women? why?
Honestly I enjoy men much better. I hate too say it but in my personal experience it’s hard to find girls who you can consistently train with. With girls there is a lot of jealousy and drama and with guys it’s completely different and I like it a LOT more! I would love to find cool women to train with in the future, though. And I’m sure that I will!
What goes through your mind while walking out to the cage just before you fight?

Absolutely nothing! A lot of things go through your mind before I walk out but once I get last those curtains I am in the ZONE! I just make a bee line to be cage and just hear my song and go!

Before I walk out I just sit and think about how hard I have worked and how the girl across from me hasn’t made the sacrifices I have (whether she has or not I tell myself the same lol) and just tell myself no one can take this next few minutes from me. They are mine to show my hard work & have it show off!

Interview with Undefeated Amateur WMMA Fighter Maegan GoodwinWhat food do you crave the most during weight cutting?

I crave something different every cut! Last cut I really didn’t crave anything. Just like carbs in general haha
I’m a really big sweet eater and usually I crave pop tarts and cereal and stuff.


I have seen you on many “Hot” lists. How do you feel about that? Do you feel sex appeal is important in WMMA?
Oh really? Haha I actually didn’t know I was on many. I have seen a couple. I’m kinda indifferent about this subject. It’s a tough one. Do I personally feel it is important? No. Of course not. If u can fight u can fight. Just like any other sport. Unfortunately for women though, it does matter. Promoters tend to favor prettier girls just because they supposedly sell more tickets and get more interest. I hate that it is this way but that is very true. Now for true MMA fans it doesn’t matter what we look like. For younger guys especially though, it definitely matters! That’s all I hear from guys is how hot Ronda is or how hot Miesha is. And things like “who doesn’t wanna watch hot chicks fight each other” and for those people yeah “sex sells”. But for true fans it doesn’t matter.
Name the one song that when it comes on, no matter where you are it makes you dance and sing along?
Ha I don’t quite know about dancing exactly (I’m NOT a good dancer) but I love to sing (even though I’m horrible)! I’m a big country fan but when it comes to just an uncontrollable urge to burst out in song it would probably have to be something like old school girly music like Brittany Spears or Destiny’s Child! Something like that!

If everyone had to wear a warning label what would yours say?

Ha! What an awesome question! Hmmm idk, probably if they didn’t know me at all it could say

Warning: Looks can be deceiving

If you had a chance to be in a movie but had to do a steamy love scene with a male actor. Who would you want the actor to be?
Oh my boyfriend won’t like this question at all! haha but I definitely have a few people in mind! I have always loved Michael Ealy! His eyes are amazing! I don’t want to name anyone else haha I’ll keep my list to myself!
Do you have anyone you would like to shout out?
Yes! Definitely all my loyal sponsors! Revgear, Soap-A-Licious, Sports Food, Sozo Ignite, Airloop glove drying rings, BarNone Athletics, MMA Roadhog & many others awesome people that’s support me! Also my fans on FB and Twitter! Last but not least my amazing manager Jay at Fresh Start Entertainment!

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