Pro WMMA Fighter Brittney Elkin Interview with Iconici TV MMA

Pro WMMA Fighter Brittney Elkin Interview with Iconici TV MMA

Pro WMMA Fighter Brittney Elkin Interview with Iconici TV MMA

How did you into get MMA?

I was a cocktail waitress at my hometown bar in Gillette WY and my boss was friends with the owner of a promotion out of Rapid City SD he was in town for a summer bash he told me I should give the sport a try and I did and never stopped

So getting into MMA didn’t intimidate you? Did you have any combat experience?
I mean yeah it’s intimidating at first but you sync with fighting and become comfortable in the chaos I didn’t have any combat experience before joining my first MMA gym

You are a single mom which in itself is a very tough job. How do you manage family time and training time?

It’s hard for sure I’m lucky to have my mom, sister, and brother in law that help me while I train that way my son doesn’t spend his entire childhood with a babysitter or at a gym I live with my sister and her husband and my mom lives close by without them I don’t know if I could do it
Pro WMMA Fighter Brittney Elkin Interview with Iconici TV MMAHas your son watched you fight?

Yes two separate times and I am not sure if I would bring him again until he is a little older

Who is your biggest inspiration in the sport?
I would have to say the people I surround myself around my team the group I am so lucky to be a part of inspires me and brings the best out of me.  They really are in your fights with you and it inspires me to do my best
Your next fight is at Fight to Win on August 15th against Latoya Walker. How is fight camp going?
I truly feel this is the best camp I have ever had.  The coaches are always taking me out of my comfort zone and challenging me I have recently been lucky enough to train with the grudge team for my camp and with both gyms I feel well prepared.  I am lucky to have so much opportunity available to me as I get ready for the event
Do you have any early fight predictions for your fight?
No more than any others, as predictions go.  I am ready to Win and I know what I signed up for so im ready to bring that on fight day
How did this fight come about?
I lost my 2nd Pro fight in April and that didn’t satisfy me I took a few weeks off and started back to the routine the fight was offered to me and my coaches and I decided to go for it and I really got the itch to get back to work.
Do you train for your opponent or do you only focus on making yourself better in preparation for a fight?
I train for myself improvement I keep as many sparing partners around as I can and try to fight all different types of styles for preparation, but I do not change my focus to what my opponent is going to do.  it makes you question yourself I feel that I prepare well in all areas and my focus remains on my goals for my self the entire camp
Not looking past Latoya, who would you like to meet in the cage next?
There are a few girls in my weight class that I keep my eye on and think of a future match, but my answer is more who is going to bring me to the next level.  the fight that I take next will benefit me more in my career so I guess we will see….
If you could have any rematch who would you like to fight again?
I would like to rematch all my losses in my mind but in reality I don’t hold a personal vendetta towards any of them….however if one of them was ranked above me and I had the opportunity to take a second look I would
You are not only an MMA fighter but you also model. Do you feel sex appeal is important in WMMA?
No I don’t think having sex appeal is going to make you a better fighter when its play time, but it gets likes on Facebook 🙂 no really I think its important to be an individual and if you do something for fun outside of your sport go for it it can be so revealing to step away and do something else for a day…
Pro WMMA Fighter Brittney Elkin Interview with Iconici TV MMAWho do you enjoy training with better, men or women? why?
I gotta say each world is different we have an awesome women’s team and all the girls do a good job at stepping away from the drama side of it and get to work (coaches are good at keeping us on track) its awesome fighting with a large group pf women cause we are all so different and very talented women fight different than men period
But…I do love to throw down with the guys cause that’s when you feel you earn the most confidence I feel if I can make it through a spar day with 20+ dudes in the room I leave feeling like I am ready to take on my opponent
so I don’t know if I prefer one to the other I prefer both 🙂
What goes through your mind while walking out to the cage just before you fight?
Try to block out the sound and hear my thoughts, I remind myself that I believe in myself and that I am there because I deserve to be when I keep my focus I am at my best
What food do you crave the most during weight cutting?
Fricken toast all the time and bagels lately its been I want one of these really good bagels with the hard crust on the outside toasted with cream cheese and a cheeseburger in it
may sound gross but I want it way bad… im hungry

Tell us about your tattoos. How many do you have and do each of them have a meaning?
My back it over 60 hours and is a dedicated to a lesson I learned when I was young about trust…my wedding finger is done “a zombie bites forever” with a no smoking sign I have “boojet” an old nickname on my wrist a keltic butterfly for sisterhood on my other my son’s nickname “Bruno” on my calf both of my parents signatures the way they would sign a check on my Achilles and “dungrollers” across my ribs for a great group of people I call family from Wyoming

If you had a chance to be in a movie but had to do a steamy love scene with a male actor. Who would you want the actor to be?
only one? 🙂 that Eric Northman guy that plays the vampire from true blood I could pretend to be a helpless victim for him
Do you have anyone you would like to shout out?
My coaches from 303 Tony Basile Mike Gonzalas and the Grudge Team Coaches Justin Salas Pat Barry Trevor Wittman Jake and Luke Cadillo for letting me have camp with their team.  Also all my teammates from both teams and JJ Aldrich my sparing partner who made the Invicta card September 6th
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