Ronda Rousey Double Standard

Ronda Rousey Double Standard

As a female writing this it is very disturbing constantly reading headlines about Ronda Rousey talking about fighting men just like it is sickening reading headlines about men beating women. Why does everyone seem to think this subject is OK just because it is a female on male? Or is it because the untouchable one, Ronda Rousey is the topic?

It started out with Rousey Rousey’s appearance on Power 106 FM, where she openly admitted she thought she could beat Mayweather in an MMA fight.. Really? they are not even in the same sport. Gee, wonder why Mayweather hasn’t spoken up on this. Probably because if he were to speak up about fighting a woman all hell would break loose. Doesn’t matter if the she bear crawl over to him too low for him to hurt her. If the words even came out of his mouth there would be hell to pay.  So why is the double standard ok?

White has gone on the record numerous times in dozens of interviews talking about how Rousey
would manhandle Mayweather and toss him around like a sack of potatoes if they ever got into a real fight. Rogan backed him up by saying that Rousey would trounce Mayweather in an MMA fight. Even champions like Jon Jones joined the chorus both saying they believe Rousey would stomp Mayweather.

Now we get into comments by #5 ranked welterweight in the UFC, Jake Ellenberger. He too thinks that Rousey would be competitive in the UFC men’s bantamweight division.

“Oh, yeah. She could and she would,” said Ellenberger. “I’ve known her for a few years but what really stands out with her is she works harder than most people in this sport. Male or female, it doesn’t matter. She’s always in the gym whether she has a fight coming up or not. And it shows. There’s no secret to success but hard work, and she’s one of the hardest-working people in the sport in my opinion. That’s really what’s stuck in my head from being around her. But she’s very skilled and very strong and she throws everyone. She absolutely could beat a lot of the guys in that division.”

I get the fact to train for MMA you are TRAINING man vs woman at times. OK maybe most of the time, but to take it to another level and it be OK to laugh and joke about? Come on, Seriously?

Then we have Ronda’s comments about Cris Cyborg.

“I’ve said before, I don’t care if she’s injecting horse semen into her eyeballs, I’ll fight her, but that’s
just my personal decision,” Rousey told Yahoo! Sports. “But I can’t make a decision for the whole division. I can’t say it’s the right thing. This girl has been on steroids for so long and [has been] injecting herself for so long that she’s not even a woman anymore. She’s an ‘it.’ It’s not good for the women’s division. It’s not good at all.”

It’s OK for her to call Cyborg and “It” but when Matt Mitrione slammed transgender fighter Fallon Fox by calling her “a lying, sick, sociopath, disgusting freak,” April of 2013 he was made to pay a fine, apologize to Fox and the LGBT community and was suspended with an investigation.

Instead Dana said “She’s not a transgender fighter,” White said of Cyborg. “She’s a woman. What Ronda is saying is [Cyborg has] taken so many drugs, she’s probably not a woman anymore. She’s not a transgender fighter. She didn’t have a surgery.”

So what I am getting from this is females talking about females is fine. Men talking about women get disciplined but Ronda talking about fighting men, well that is also fine? But if a man were to speak up about fighting a woman, that will result in all hell breaking loose.

I’m not trying to sit here and bash anyone. I am a huge fan but this is a subject that keeps coming up. Rousey is beginning to loose her fan base because she can say anything or treat anyone anyway and it’s OK. It’s not OK.

What do you think fight fans? am I off base or is Ronda protected? Sound off

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