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UFC President Dana White’s Reaction on Jon Jones Postive Cocaine Results

UFC President Dana White’s Reaction on Jon Jones Postive Cocaine Results

The Mixed Martial Arts world was and still is in shock from Tuesday’s news UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones tested positive for Cocaine in a random drug test administered ahead of his UFC 182 fight against Daniel Cormier where he successfully defended his belt in a five round fight that ended in a decision.

White, Who has spent a lot of time with the champ over the last several years finally spoke on the situation since the news has settled in a bit.

“I was shocked obviously. This is so different than if a guy gets busted for performance enhancing drugs, you worry about the person first,” said White on America’s Pregame on Wednesday night. “You forget about the fighting and the work side of it. You worry about Jon Jones the person.”

Many people asked the question if the commission and UFC new about this positive test on Dec 23 how was Bones still allowed to fight?

“Number one, he was healthy. Number two, the reason you would stop the fight and the hammer would drop on the guy is if he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs,” White said

“Jon Jones, he was contracted to fight. We have a contract with him and everybody thinks we can just say, ‘the fight is off.’”

White said on America’s Pregame when asked if it was a matter of Jones having the right to fight because of his contract and because the positive test wasn’t for a substance that might effect the outcome of the bout.

“You’re damn right he had the right to fight,” said White.

“They made a mistake. The guys who come and do the random drug testing made a mistake,” said White. “Everything happens for a reason. It’s a great thing that this happened. It’s a great thing that this guy made a mistake.

“Who would’ve known? We would never know. (Now) we get him the help that he needs.”

“We’re worried about Jon Jones, the human being, the person. We’re not worried about the image of the sport or any of that right now. The guy is a human being and he needs help. I applaud him and we support him.”

According to Greg Howard author of the website DeadSpin after doing an extensive story on Jones ahead of UFC 182 he found out Jones is a known user.

“This doesn’t come out of nowhere. In reporting this story, I heard a lot of rumors about Jones’s cocaine use, some of which went past what you’d expect of a rich young celebrity in 2014. I left those alone partly because it’s a long way from rumor to solid fact and partly because, as evidenced by his success, whatever he’s been up to late at night hasn’t hurt his athletic performance much. This is worth noting just by way of saying that this is more likely than not something that actually could affect his career, as opposed to the result of one night’s bad decision. Just a few minutes ago, I got this text from a source close to Jones: Can’t believe it took this long for jon to pop on coke.”

I am sure much more news and reactions will be coming out about this in weeks, maybe even months to come. So as fans of the fastest growing sport on earth we can see this as Jones is young, experienced fame and all that comes with it quickly, human and accept the fact he is human and this isn’t a huge surprise for anyone, not just Jones to be using and support his recovery OR we can act surprised, talk trash about the whole situation on social networks and turn a blind eye.

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